ReP_AL COREXY 3D Printer Project Pack

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Order all the components at once and save on the ReP_AL COREXY 3D Printer.

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CORE XY Build Instructions


Strong stable Alu profile structure giving a rigid base important for 3D printing.  Run long print jobs on a large volume printer with the confidence of the print job being successful!

Reliable MKS board with 32bit controller ensures smooth control of the stepper motors, with easy setup config file.


Pack includes all the parts as shown in the product pictures.


To complete the project you will need to buy:


M6 Bolts to secure the frame

M6x50 x 16

M5x50 x 6
M8x40 x 6
M8 30mm Washer x  14
M8 14mm Washer x  16
M8 Locking nut x14

M5 Locking Nut


2x Alu profile 10x10mm x 500mm (heat bed cross rail)

Heat bed glass 330x330mm