3D Printed Mower Build Instructions - Wiring Overview

 On this page you'll find.

  • General overview of all components connections
  • Practical approach to the sensor wiring
  • Practical approach to the 12V circuits.
  • Click here for detailed wiring diagrams by component




Once the circuits have been completed you'll want to test and debug any wiring you've done with these test sketches. - here






Practical Wiring Approach Arduino Components

5V Circuit and Arduino Signal Wiring

I tried to get the optimum wiring configuration.  This approach uses a 1.5mm ribbon cable and crimped pins on either end.  It keeps the wiring tidy and the wiring loom can be pre-made before connecting to the components





Practical Wiring Approach 12V Circuit

For the 12V circuit we have in effect 3 different 12V circuits.

1. The switched 12V using the main switch on the mower

2. The relay controlled 12V circuit for the motors

3. The amp monitored charge circuit for the LiIon batteries

From the switched 12V circuit we create a further 5V circuit to power all the sensors and Arduino boards.





Wiring - Actual Mower Pictures

Please refer to the detailed wiring diagrams for the connections.  Here are some pictures of the wiring so you have an idea how it all looks like in reality.

(the compass was missing in the original picture so I had to Photoshop it in.)

The charge cables to the front 2 charge pads are also missing in this photo.  The positive charge cable goes to the Amp sensor and then continues to the battery.  The negative cable goes directly to the battery





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