GPS Module Communication

Module Output

The GPS module will output different sets of data to the TX port.  The type of data that is outputted can be setup in the UBLOX U-Center software using a PC or Laptop computer.  To access the UBLOX module on the GPS board, a board with a USB port is required.


U-Blox U Center Software


For the Arduino code to read the TX messages from the GPS board we need to make sure they are speaking the same language.  The Arduino code looks for $GPGGA and $GPRMC messages from the board.  If these messages are not enabled then the Arduino code wont be able to process the data.

To enable these messages follow these steps:


1. Connect the GPS module via USB to the computer.

2. In the U-Center connect to the GPS module selecting the right port

3. Goto     Menu item   View    then   Messages View.

4. Using the scroll menu on the left goto:     + UBX  ->    CFG   ->    NMEA      and you will see the following setup menu.

5. Ensure that    1 - GP  is set as the main talker.


6. Make sure to  Send the updated commands to the module with the send button in the bottom left hand corner.

This should enable the GPGGA and GPRMC output of the UBlox chip on the GPS module.

 To check that the messages have been enabled goto the View menu and Text Console.  There you should find lines starting with a time and then $GPGGA