Large Area Mower (LAM) Monster Project Bundle

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All the components to make the L.A.M Monster Mower in one bundled package. Let's get building

  • Pack does not include 3D printed parts, battery, PCB or Alu parts
  • You will need to provide your own 1.5mm cable for the 12V circuit (approx 2m red and 2m black


3x Wheel Motor Drivers, 3x Mower Motor Driver, ARDUINO MEGA, UNO, NANO, RTC, LCD, Volt Convertor x 2, Relay, Volt and Amp Sensor, Membrane Switch, Rocker Switch, GY282 Compass, Amplifier, Sonar x3, 3x Arduino Cables, 2x Power Geared Motors, Mower Motor, Battery Charger, Mower Blades, 2x Cooling Fans, Battery Protection Circuit, EC5 Connectors, 8AWG Battery Cable, M3 Bolts and nuts, USB Jack, Rain Sensor, 15mm Wheel Bearings, NODEMCU, 5mm Front caster bearings. 2x Tilt Sensors (from May 2020)


(The GPS module is being developed. Some basic faetures are ready)


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This pack is only available via Direct Ship

The Inductor will be sent via post from Germany