ReP_AL 2040/2020 V Slot Z Axis Printer - Built & Ready to print.

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Want to just get 3D printing big things?

A ReP_AL CORE XY 3D Printer built and ready to print. Just plug in and go.

  • 330x330x350 Build Volume (big enough for all the Mower Projects)
  • Alu 2040 Main Legs Black
  • Alu 2020 V slot X, Y, Carriages and Z Axis.
  • Filament Detection
  • Touch Sensor for bed leveling.
  • MKS MOSFET for safe control of the Heatbed.
  • 3.2" TFT Touchscreen (Touchscreen may vary depending on the latest model)
  • 330x330x4mm Glass Heat Bed
  • Part cooler.
  • Sturdy X Y Z carriages with smooth running Alu profile roller bearings.

The printer is built by me, tested and ready to go.  Exactly like in the picture 

(Webcam not included)

This is exactly the printer Im using now for all my projects (I have 3 of them)

COREXY printers have the highest print speeds due to the light extruder head.  Other printers which move the Y axis bed back and forth are limited by the weight of the bed and part weight. A COREXY printer is never limited by the bed or part weight which means a high print speed of 100mm/sec is used.  This is perfect for large printed parts.  The strong and smooth Z Axis on this printer ensures a large print smoothly transitions as the bed is lowered.

Investment in a good printer ensures you able to reliably print large parts.


Lead time is ca. 4 weeks from order.