220 Monster Mower CAD Data Pack

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220 Mower Monster CAD Data

You like the project but want to make some personal modifications to the design.  This pack includes all the CAD data for the 220 Monster Lawn Mower.

CAD data is provided in FUSION360 *.f3z and STEP *.step format:

- 220 Monster Lawn Mower

- 220 Docking Station

- Perimeter Transmitter Housing

- A Complete Build of Materials for each part

 From this CAD data all the STL files can be generated to print.

(includes the previous 220 Mower Version)


To modify the CAD data you will need to use a CAD program such as FUSION 360 which is available to hobby users for free. If you want to test if you can read the CAD Data file use this test file so see if you can import it. **


A download link will be sent immediately after purchase of the pack.


*CAD Data is for personal use. any modifications are strictly for personal use and not for re-sale. See license agreement attached.

**if your using Solidworks you may need to use the dissolve feature to edit the design