My Mower


I had a lot of requests for photos of wiring etc of my mower so I thought I would just show everyone how the current status of "My Mower" is.

I use this mower to test a lot of new features so some of the stuff in there is not finished for release yet.

I am running the 330 Monster Mower in my Garden:


I am using one of the previous PCB's in my mower.  The release that is in the shop has been modified from this version to improve the location of the solder points.  The new release also includes the ability to route the charging cable which I dont have in this design



There are a lot of cables connected by block connectors.  This allows me to easily disconnect things and test any perimeter wire sensors that have been ordered.  I used some sticky back velcro around the top of the facia panels just to give the mower lid some vibration dampening.

At the moment the RTK GPS is just shoved in there.  It needs a better solution for the radio antenna which I will get to soon. 

At the moment I am testing some pull up resistors on the i2C lines to see if the QMC compass module freezes can be solved.

I have been told this wont help but I will at least try it out.  The only compass module I know of so far with 100% run rate is the original Honeywell HMC5883L compass.




I am also testing a GY-521 Gyro module which SWOBY first showed in his build.  Unfortunately I couldn't get the code from him so I decided to write my own. The next code release will include this if it works well


My Li-Ion battery does not use the holder.  I already packaged it up with shrink wrap long before that modification came along so it just bounces around inside the mower...

Assuming I have explained everything correctly It should look pretty much the same as inside your mower :)