Direct Ship / Ship DE / Ship US


Direct Ship

Direct shipped parts sent from the warehouse.  Delivery usually take 20-45 days (max 60days ) depending on your worldwide location.  These parts are the cheapest option to build your project but require patience until delivery....

If you are ordering a Direct Ship package/project bundle, these parts will be delivered in 10-12 separate packages direct from the manufacturer.

Use parceltrack to track your packages 


Ship DE

These are the parts I have in stock. They are more expensive and may require some shipping costs but the delivery is quick. As fast as the post office can deliver them to your country. Typically 1 week. 

If you are ordering a package/project bundle, This will arrive in one shipment.


Ship US

Parts are shipped from a supplier located in the US.  They are more expensive and may require some shipping costs but the delivery is quick. Shipping is typically within 1 week of order.



What is direct shipping?

To supply everyone with components the parts are sent directly from the warehouse.  Most products in this store are delivered by direct shipping meaning your order is sent to the main warehouse who then sends the parts to you.


Why use direct shipping?

I cannot have stock of all the components and manage the delivery of all orders, but I can help you order the right components directly from the warehouse.  Ordering from the warehouse ensure the best price. The transportation cost for direct shipping are nearly always free.



Its everyone's duty to protect the environment.  I re-use boxes plastic bags and packaging material as much as possible.  This means your parcel if shipped SHIP DE may arrive in used packaging.  I hope this doesn't spoil your shopping experience.  The parts are new, its only the packaging that's been up-cycled.