3D Printed Mower - Videos


Powerful 12V Motor Test

New more powerful motors available.  These motors use 2 Motor drivers but give excellent pwerformance on steep gradients.

Perimeter Wire Track Challenge

Lots of leaves and small branches in the way after winter.  A nice challenge for the new wheels and the tracking feature.  The mower should exit the garage, then track around the perimeter of the garden to the starting position at the far end of the garden.....  (PID may need so tweaking with the new 3D printed rear wheels - seems a little twitchy on tight corners)


Sonar Sensors

 3 sonar sensors on the mower detect objects in the garden and stop the mower.  Very low, very small objects wont be detected.

Climbing Ability

Climbing Power of the ReP_AL Robot Mower using the new heading hold feature.  The mower needs to approach the slope at 85-95° straight on.  The heading hold keeps the mower on track.  This is a 35% slope angle!

Heading Hold On

Keeping the mower in a straight line using the compass function

(new wheels and high ground clearance design)


Heading Hold Off.

Same test track with the heading hold turned off.  Here the difference can be seen how a slight hill affects the straight line tracking.


Tracking and Docking 

V1 Mower tracking along the perimeter wire and docking into the charging station.




Trampoline Cut.

What is a trampoline cut in the options menu...?  Its the special mode that saves me dragging the kids trampoline around to mow the grass underneath. :)

This also demonstrates the cutting ability in long grass...


 For Larger Gardens - Build an Army! :)




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