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Mower Operation:

The operation of the mower is completed by using the keypad and LCD screen (or the smartphone APP).  The main mower features can be selected by using the keypad.  

After powering on the mower you will see this screen. (if not check your i2C address).

To access the mower options "long press" the Start button. (keep your finger on the button for 1 or 2 seconds).

This will bring up the options menu:

Pressing the Up and Down button will scroll through the menu options (All the menu options can be customised in the Arduino code).

To cancel the option, press the Stop button


The menu options as standard (with docking enabled) are:

Exit Dock Z-1          - Mower exits the docking garage and sends the mower along the perimeter wire to Zone 1 (cutting blades off)

Exit Dock Z-2         - Mower exits the docking garage and sends the mower along the perimeter wire to Zone 2 (cutting blades off)

Quick Start             - Mower will start immediately

Trampoline Cut      - Special feature.  Put the mower under a garden trampoline and it will cut a star shaped pattern

Mow The Line       - Mower exits the docking garage and will follow the perimeter wire with the cutting blades spinning

Test Mower           - Enter the test menu and run various tests on the mower.

Setup Mower        - Customisation of the mower settings




WIRE OFF    -  The mower is not detecting any signal from the perimeter wire transmitter. 

  • Check the wire transmitter is switched on and the perimeter wire is installed (continuous loop)
  • Check the wiring to the 11P inductor
  • Run the Wire Test in the Test menu
  • Ensure there is no break in the perimeter wire around the garden.


LCD Screen Shows No Messages

  • Check that the i2C address has been updated in the Arduino Code
  • Ensure that the contrast is set correctly by adjusting the screw on the back of the LCD i2C board.