CORE XY 3D Printer - Frame

For the frame we are going to use 2040 Aluminium V Profile and standard profile.  This creates a rigid frame for the printer which is very important in achieving quality prints. 

(V profile can be used for the whole printer frame to keep things simple, but the V profile is only required on the Y axis rails from Front to back where the roller carriages are running)

The printer design we will build is a 500mm² design.  Each Alu profile is 500mm long (no need to cut them).  Please take care when assembling the frame that the oreintation of the aluminium profile is correct.  One side is 40mm wide the other 20mm wide.

The 2 Top 2040 Sections running front to back (Y Axis) need to be V Slot Aluminium profile to accept the Y axis carriages.

The 40mm side is layed flat for the lower and upper square frame.  The vertical legs are then attached with the 40mm face, orientated to the front of the printer.

The strongest and stiffest attachment method is to M6 tap the Alu profile and use M6 bolts to screw the frame together (some Alu profiles use M8 bolts).  This requires drilling the 6.5mm hole in the frame and countersinking (10mm)  it so the bolt head is not proud. (for an M8 frame the hole should be 8.5mm).




By using 2 bolts we can pin each corner of the frame together with a combination of through holes and screw threads.  

6.5mm holes drilled into the Alu 2040 section.  A 10mm counter sunk hole is then drilled so the bolt head can be flush against the frame. 








Creating screw threads in the Alu Profile.

To accept the bolts into the Alu frame we need to thread tap the Alu profile.  This is done using a tapping die in the hole provided in the Alu profile



The Alu section where the bolt passes through requires a 6.5mm hole so the bolt can pass through it and screw into the other tapped alu section.  A 10mm hole is then required to countersink the M6 bolt head into the frame. (some alu profiles also use M8 screw threads in which case an 8.5mm hole is required).

Larger Printer....? 

The design of the printer doesnt have to use 500mm long sections.  It can be smaller or even larger, but the other components (8mm rods and threaded rods) on the Z Axis then need to be sized accordingly.