Aerator - Getting Started

You will need the following to complete the project


1. Purchase STL or CAD Print Files 

STL Files or CAD Data for the aerator robot can be purchased and downloaded from the Webshop.  If you plan on modifying / personalising the Aerator design its worth to get the CAD data as all the STL files can be generated from the CAD data.



STL Pack



CAD Pack



2. Order parts yourself or buy a Build-Pack

There is a complete B.O.M. (Bill of Materials) included in the STL or CAD data pack with links to all components.  The parts (depending on the model you build) will cost around €250-300 to order with a typical delivery time of 30-60days

Alternatively you can order a build pack here in the webshop.  A Ship DE option means the electronic and mechanical parts are shipped as 1 package from Germany and allows you to start building immediately.


The aerator uses a dedicated PCB which can be purchased in the webshop.




3. Batteries (LiIon 18650 or LiPo)

To power the aerator you will need a 3S Battery Pack. If you do not wish to recharge the robot automatically you can use a standard LiPo pack.. For automatic recharging you will need to create a bettery pack from 18650 cells  (not included in the build pack).



A Li-Ion protector circuit is also used (included in the build pack) to prevent under and over charge of the packs.

I recommend to use the Panasonic 18650B batteries. These are quality reliable  batteries and worth the investment.  They can be typically be sourced online.  Look for packs with multiple cells as they are considerably cheaper.



The battery build section also includes some information on batteries if your unsure how to use them


4. Additional Features?


will be added as the project develops


5. GPS Module?

I am working on a cm accurate GPS module.  If you want to add this to your build the instructions for this project can be found here: