Little Monster - Project Overview



Small and very capable.... the Little Monster 3D Printed Lawn Mower is designed specifically for eating up grass on small level gardens up to 300m²



The mower integrates all the upgrades from the previous models including a full colour touchscreen, front bumpers and a splash proof design.  The swing hood design gives ease of access to the electronics, and a close flap at the rear protects the TFT screen from weather.



Should the Little Monster get out of hand (picking a fight with a bigger mower) the sensors also include a tip over sensor.   Should the mower for some reason turn upside down the mower is shutdown immediately.





Little Monster Specifications

Monster Mower coverage <300m²

Eating Width: 120mm

Printer Required:  Minimum 220x220x250mm Printer


The STL or CAD data pack included a complete Build of Material list with links to the components used.  Alternatively the original electrical components can be bought here in this shop individually or as a package.  Using the original electrical components makes the build process easier and ensures smooth communication with the software:


Perimeter Transmitter Housing for the Little Monster Mower: 

To keep the monster caged in a perimeter wire is used to tell the monster where the edge of the garden is.


Arduino Code for the Little Monster Mower: 

The complete software for the Mower is running on Arduino.  This is open source and can be modified by anyone.  The software to run the mowers is free and can be modified to your own needs.

The software is the same used on all mowers (220/330/LAM & Little Monster).

The little monster runs on the Mower Code V8.0 and higher (with Touchscreen capability)


Need The 3D Parts Printed for You? :

Dont have a 3D printer or your print bed is too small : The parts can be ordered here in my shop 


Little Monster Lawn Mower Dimensions


Little Monster Charging Station

A charging station to re-charge the batteries is included in the project



Little Monster Tip Over System

The little monster is fitted with a tip sensor. If for whatever reason the mower tips upside down the mower shutsdown immediatley.




Little Monster Climb Prevention System

The little monster is fitted with 2 very powerful rear wheels.  But he's not supposed to climb.  The mowers short wheel base is not suited to steep gradients (danger of rolling).

The Little Monster therefore has an integrated angle sensor to prevent it from attacking steeper gradients. (See the video below to see how steep is steep)  .  We have to keep the monster tamed! 

For a smaller garden with steeper gradients I recommend to build the 220/330 Mower. 

Which Mower To Build?

Here is a quick overview of the main specifications to select a mower