Printer - FAQ's


Where can I get the parts for the projects?

All the components you need are available in my online shop... I offer 2 types of shipping for the parts. Please read the shipping conditions before ordering.


Where are the parts I ordered?

You need an update on components you have ordered

see this section 


STL Downloads - When do I get the download?

The download link is sent immediately after checkout. 


Out of stock items

Im doing my best to keep components in stock for SHIP DE.  If something is missing and you need it please send me an email.  


I have a 220x220mm print bed, can I print the project?


For the Large COREXY printer some parts wont fit on 220 bed.  You can order the larger parts here




I don't understand your instructions or you made a mistake.

I really try to make the instructions as understandable as possible, but when you write them, then read them 2 days later, you wonder sometimes yourself what you wanted to explain.🤔

If something is not clear please let me know by writing an email.  I'm happy to improve anything on the website so everyone can reach the goal of completing the project.



Can I have the CAD Files for the Printer?

working on it.


Tips :)

As you can imagine this project took a lot of time to develop.  If you appreciate it and feel like leaving a monetary tip please use this link or do so during check out.  The best way to support the project is just to order something, any profit is put back into this project to develop new features which will then benefit all.