GPS Modules

Building the APP

For the APP we are going to use the Blynk APP.  The app is very simple and requires just a few drag and drop placements and settings to setup.  If you are new to the Blynk App see this tutorial on setting up the NODEMCU and Blynk App.

If you don't already have the Blynk APP on your smartphone from the Mower project download this now. 

Create a new APP and make note of the Blynk Authoriation Key.  This will be needed later in the Arduino Sketch.  Fill the APP with the following elements and change the setting of each element as described below.  If you don't have enough credits to build the elements then you will need to purchase these in the Blynk App.  (not expensive just a few euros).




Element Pin Type Pin Number Title
Map Virtual 1
Value Display Virtual 2 Mower Satellites
Value Display Virtual 3 Mower Lattitude
Value Display Virtual 4 Mower In(1) Out(0)
Value Display Virtual 5 Mower Longitude



The APP consists of just 5 elements.  1 GPS Map and 4 Value displays.  The position and size of the elements can be changed by long pressing the element and then dragging the element around the screen.