LAM (Large Area Mower) Monster - Overview

3D Printed Large Area Mower

Have a garden of 1500m² or bigger.  Well honestly thats a big garden and who wants to spend all day mowing that!! 

Solution: The ReP_AL 3D Printed Large Area Mower (LAM)

Project includes a 3D printed Lawn Mower capable of mowing very large areas and a charging station.  I am currently working on cm accurate GPS specifically for the LAM which will add fantastic flexibility and features to this build.






LAM Specs & Build Requirements

LAM Mower coverage 1500m²+

Cut Width: 450mm   (over 2x cut width of the 330 Mower)

3D Printer Required: 330x330x350mm


Skills Required: 3D Printing, Arduino, Soldering electrical components

Equipment Required: 3D Printer (or print service), PLA Material, Soldering Iron, Multimeter, Computer/Laptop with Arduino Software (free), Various screwdrivers and Allen wrenches (M3), Wire strippers. 


The mower is equipped with 3 blade discs with a total cut width of 450mm.  The LAM (Large Area Mower) enjoys the same features as the standard ReP_AL Mower.

- Smartphone APP Control via WIFI

- Cut Patterns

- Automatic Recharging

- Rain Sensor

- Timed Mowing

- GPS System (in development)

The STL or CAD data pack included a complete Build of Material list with links to the components used.  Alternatively the original electrical components can be bought here in this shop individually or as a package.  Using the original electrical components makes the build process easier and ensures smooth communication with the software:

The mower coverage is 1500m² - 3000m² depending on your battery size and garden incline.  For smaller lawns the standard ReP_AL Lawn Mower should be selected.  There will most probably be no 200mm print bed version of the mower due to the size of the parts.


LAM Charging Station

A specially designed LAM charging station acts as a docking station where the LAM's battery is charged ready for the next mow.





LAM Dimensions




Which Mower To Build?

Here is a quick overview of the main specifications to select a mower