3D Printed Large Area Mower - Overview

3D Printed Large Area Mower

Have a garden of 1500m² or bigger.  Well honestly thats a big garden and who wants to spend all day mowing that!! 

Solution: The ReP_AL 3D Printed Large Area Mower.


The mower is equipt with 3 blades with a total cut width of 530mm.  The LAM (Large Area Mower) enjoys the same features as the standard ReP_AL Mower.

- APP Control via WIFI

- Cut Patterns

- Automatic Recharging

- Rain Sensor

- Timed Mowing


The mower coverage should be in the region of 1500m² - 3000m² depending on your battery size and garden incline.  For smaller lawns the standard ReP_AL Lawn Mower should be selected.

The mower is 99% 3D printed using a printed bed size of 330x330mm.  There will probably be no 200mm print bed version of the mower due to the size of the parts.


This project under development.  Watch this space for more details