COREXY 3D Printer - Z Axis Upgrade


Z Axis Upgrade to V Slot




The Standard soluiton of 8mm smooth rods and bearings  is ok.  But it can be a little squeeky and jerky as time goes on.

The following upgrade will eliminate that problem making a much smoother Z axis mechanism.  With this upgrade I was able to up the maximum Z axis speed on the printer from 300mm/s to 700mm/s.


Uses 2020 or 2040 V Pofile Alu.

6x POM Guide Wheels (per side) = 12 total
6x M5x40 Bolts (per side) = 12 Total
6x M5 safety nylon locking nuts (per side) = 12 Total
6x M5 washers (between the 3D printed part and the wheels) = 12 Total



STL File is available on Thingiverse or on my GITHUB site

If your printer is too small to make this part it can be ordered in my online shop here.


The 2020 or 2040 Alu V slot Profile to create the Z Axis rail can be screwed to the frame from the top and bottom, or clamped using 3D printed L 2020 angle brackets or using metal 2020 profile brackets. 

(Heat bed is moved away in this rendering to better see the Z Axis construction) 





Video of the mechanism in action