GPS - RTK Base Station

RTK Base Station

The RTK base station will be the stationary module providing the RTK corrections to the GPS RTK module in the rover.  This module will be remain outside in all weather conditions, so a weatherproof case is required.



I have been testing this 3D printed base station case for the past few months.  It has survived rain, snow and gale force winds.  


RTK Base Station Case Overview

The base station board is powered by a 3.7-20V DC Power Supply.  I used a 12V supply to power the base station.  2 SMA extension cables link to the outside of the case where the ariel for the Radio transmitter and waterporoof GPS satelite module are connected to the case.



Positioning the RKT Base Station

The RTK Station needs to be positioned so that the Rover will have the best line of sight to the base station.  This will aid the radio transmissions from the base station to the rover.

If you have an open garden with few obstructions then the RTK feature will work well.  If your garden has lots pof nooks and shielded areas (e.g. by garages the you either need to consider the position of the station carefully.


Setting up the Base Station

To configure the base station we need to:

1. Tell the module it will be acting as a base station

2. Let the module search for its location

3. Tell the module to start transmitting the RTK correction data via radio

4. Tell the module to send the right types of GPS messages.


To do this we are going to use the UBLOX U-Center software.

U-Blox U Center Software

connect the base station module via USB to the U-Center Software.  Normally the software connect automatically to the GPS module


1. Tell the Module its a Base Station

The 2 modules are identical when they arrive from the factory.  We need to tell the module to act as a base station and send out RTK correction data.

In the U-Center software select the VIEW menu and the select MESSAGES VIEW.


This menu has various menu options which can be extended to view more detailed menus by clicking the + option.

In the messages menu select :  UBX --> CFG  --> TMODE3