3D Printed Mower Build Instructions - Latest Updates


Parts in Test or Being Developed 

Update May 8th - Weatherproofing

As the mower will be left to fend for itself in the rain I decided to make the covers as weatherproof as possible.


Sealed all the joints with PVC glue and hot glue.

Added a thin transparent cover to the LCD screen. Glued around the opening for the membrane keys.

This of course wont make it waterproof, but i think splash proof is sufficient so the mower can return to the home garage. :)


Update May 6th - New Code

I uploaded the latest code version V5.9 to the GitHub site .  The latest code has:

  • Rain sensor option
  • Integrated test sketches to test the mowers components
  • Improved MEGA / NANO communication
  • New code structure to allow easier integration of new features (i.e Mobile APP)
  • Wire detection options and lost wire safety features.
  • Vastly improved charge detection at the docking station

Upload the MEGA code to the Arduino MEGA

Upload the NANO code to the Arduino Nano

Update May 3rd - Rain Sensor

Many people have requested a rain sensor which makes perfect "sense".  I just couldn't find a place to put it that didn't ruin the design. Thanks to Jeremy Chilton who pushed me a little to think outside the box.


I added the STL file to the Thingiverse site and the rain sensor is on the web shop.  Code is on the way.

The next code version will have a lot of new features so please hold tight.



Update April 23rd - Power Motors

I have added some more powerful motors to the shop for gardens with strong gradients.  Together with the 3D printed rear wheels (good traction) the new motors perform really well and pull up almost any slope.

I updated some of the covers to be stronger and redesigned the back panel to accept 2 motor drivers.  I also re-spaced the holes for the RTC and Arduino.

Update March 1st 2019 - Heading Hold

There were a lot of requests for a heading hold function for people with sloped gardens.  I have written this code and it works well on my relatively flat garden.

Upload MOWERV5.2 to the MEGA and NANO. 

This is a BETA version, has only been tested a few days so please be careful !!


 Mower Path No Compass Support



Mower Path Compass Heading Hold Code.



Update Feb 26 2019 - Wiring

I am working on the optimum wiring setup for the Mower.  I don't like cables going everywhere so I'm looking at the best position for the components.  This is the current status:  (Yes I'm also working on WIFI connection with the cell phone)...

See this page for the results of this setup


Update Feb 24 2019 - Rear Wheel

The wheel design is finished and tested on my mower.  Files are uploaded to Thingiverse.  There are new wheel guard files LH/RH, motor holders LH/RH and the rear wheel.

A small adapter is still needed for the rear wheels and is described in this section




Update Feb 5 2019 - Rear Wheel

I have been working on a direct connection between motor and wheel.  The wheel in this design is also 3D printable without any support material required.








3D Printed parts and construction

Circuit Diagram with Components Overview

Detailed Circuit Diagrams with Components

Perimeter Wire Build

Arduino Code

Parts Required for the build