CORE XY 3D Printer - Overview

CORE XY 3D Printer Build Instructions

You may ask why should I build a printer when there are so many 3D printers ready to buy out there?.... and this is a good question.  There are many printers available and at first most seem like a very cheap option. 

But these "cheap" printers are not without there drawbacks.  For cheap money you can buy a printer but it will not perform the way you want it to and it will be more frustrating than having spent some "real" money on quality components from the start.  I have already bought 2 of these printers and spent at least as much as the original purchase price again upgrading the hot end, control board, MOSFET, printer bed glass etc... In the end there is not much recognisable from the original printer I bought.

See my guide here to the TRONXY X5S printer and the upgrades I needed to make.

Most cheap 3D printers also also in kit form, so in the end you will be screwing together the printer anyway.. why not build a quality 3D printer from the start.

ReP_AL COREXY V Slot 3D Printer 330x330x400


Building your own 3D printer may seem a little daunting not knowing what parts are required, but taking it step by step and following this guide we will order all the correct quality components and have fun project with a quality large bed printer which will open may possibilities for future projects.

Of course we have one draw-back, this printer utilises 3D printed parts.  Either you have an exisitng 3D printer to print these, you can order the parts here in the webshop or you will need to use a 3D printing service.  


Build Difficulty: 6/10

ReP_AL CORE:  XY 330x330x400 Bed Size

Noise Level Printing: 50.5db (important for long overnight prints)

Skills Required: 3D Printing, Soldering electrical components, tapping Screws and drilling.

Equipment Required: 200x200x100 3D Print Bed, PLA Material, Soldering Iron, Multimeter, M5 Screw tap, Allen wrenches, wire strippers

(the Hot Bed rails on the side of the printer are 336mm long which requires a large print bed (diagonal positioned).  If you have a 200x200mm print bed these are the only 2 parts you need to send out for external printing or they can be purchased in my shop).

Config File for MKS Board: Click here to GITHUB Site

3D Print Files:

ReP_AL COREXY Printer: Click here for STL files

MKS Base V1.3 Enclosure: Click here for STL Files

E3D V6 X Carriage Clamp: Click here for STL files


Noise Level measured when printing. This is important when printing large volume prints that run overnight.  At 50.5 dB this is hardly noticeable when the printer is in another room.