Sprinkler Cart - Construction


The sprinkler cart requires only a few M3 bolts to complete the construction.

A heat gun will be required to fit the bearings for the wheel axle and sprinkler disc.  5x 10mm bearings (6000ZZ : 10x26x8) are required on the main wheel axle and 1x 6mm bearing (626ZZ : 6x19x6mm) for the sprinkler disc axle.
a 10mm aluminium rod is required for the wheel axle and an 6mm aluminium rod for the sprinkler disc axle.

The 5 600ZZ bearings are fit along the wheel axle.  4 directly for the wheel axle and 1 between the feeder screw and the gearbox.
The wheels, feeder screw and large bevel gear are screwed into the axle with M3 screws. 

The small bevel gear is screwed to the 6mm alu bar.  Ensure that the small bevel gear on the 6mm axle is fitted before the 10mm wheel axle.






 Print Settings

 All parts are printed in PLA with a 0.4mm print nozzle



Part Layout

The parts with support are positioned as below for slicing.  

Sprinkler Cart

(use support)


 Large Bevel Gear

(use support)