Sprinkler Cart - Overview

Sprinkler Cart 

Tow this cart behind your ReP_AL 3D Printed Lawn Mower to spread grass seeds, fertilizer, coffee grounds or whatever else:




The sprinkler cart simply attaches to the ReP_AL lawn mower using the tow bar provided in the STL files.  The carts wheels turn a screw via a bevel gear which sprinkles the contents onto the garden.  No motors, no electronics required (just a few bearings).

Just print it, assemble and tow.... 

STL Files can be purchased here


Printer required: 330x330x200mm

Parts required : M3 Bolts, M3 Tap, 2.5mm Drill, Heat Gun-

Build difficulty 3/10

Material: PLA

(I will work on a 220mm version once this design is proven).