All Mowers - FAQ's


Where can I get the parts for the projects?

All the components you need are available in my online shop... I offer 2 types of shipping for the parts. Please read the shipping conditions before ordering.


My Garden is really big? Can the mower handle it?

I have the 330 mower set to run 2-3hrs every 2 days.  This is enough for 500m² to 800m².  It is possible to mow every day.  Therefore mowing every day (including some inefficiency for a larger area) = 800m² - 1200m²

It is possible (from charging perspective) to mow 2x a day which would increase again the mowing time. Personally I think its better to mow the grass in the late afternoon when the grass is dry and the sun is not so hot (so only 1x)

The other option is to increase the battery capacity for longer mows.

For very large gardens of 1500m² please see the Large Area Mower  here



How do I get a Serial Monitor Print Out

Its really very simple. See the guide here


Where are the parts I ordered?

You need an update on components you have ordered

see this section 


STL Downloads - When do I get the download?

The download link is sent immediately after checkout. 


Out of stock items

Im doing my best to keep components in stock for SHIP DE.  If something is missing and you need it please send me an email.  

If you want to order  Aluminium axles and adapters and they are not in stock then please send me an email with your requirements.  I will then turn the parts on the metal lathe for you.  When I do this I try and make a few more so the stock levels are replenished but they are almost always sold immediately.


How long can the mower mow?

Using a 3S 18650 2400maH capacity Battery Pack in the 330 mower. (I use 18 18650 cells. 6cells in parallel in 1 pack and 3 packs in series making a 20.4Ah pack. See battery build instructions).  This gives me (on a flat garden) a mow time of 2-3 hours.


I have a 220x220mm print bed, can I print the project?

The mower is available in a 220 bed version The STLS can be purchase here.

The mower is slightly smaller but still very capable and uses the same software as the 330 and LAM mowers.


WiFi and Mobile APP

Yes included. See the instructions on the build pages listed in All mowers section.


Can you include a rain sensor?

yes its included


Can I modify the software?

You can modify anything you like...  Its ARDUINO    The nice thing about this project is you are free to make the mower do whatever you like.  Want it to bring you a cold drink in the Garden...  then program it to do so....   :)

But seriously, there is really no limit to the modifications that can be done to the mower.  There are many sensors available for Arduino that do almost everything and there are plenty of empty analog or digital outputs free on the ARDUINO MEGO board to plug them in to.

I am continuously improving the software and hardware...  please check back for new code and new updates on what the mower can do. 


Can I personalise the design?

Of course you can personalise the design firstly by the colours used to print it. If you want to go 1 step further, buy the CAD data pack and go wild.  Put your football teams logo on the hood, add a spoiler 😊..   up to you...



The software is not compiling?

The software is always being updated and requires improved or new libraries. Always make sure you have the latest library files installed.  Best is a clean install of Arduino with just the library files for the mower installed. This avoids any clashes with other libraries which may be accidentally referenced by the mower code.



I don't understand your instructions or you made a mistake.

I really try to make the instructions as understandable as possible, but when you write them, then read them 2 days later, you wonder sometimes yourself what you wanted to explain.🤔

If something is not clear please let me know by writing an email.  I'm happy to improve anything on the website so everyone can reach the goal of completing the project.


Can the mower mow in a pattern (not random)

Yes it can mow a spiral pattern and parallel lines (with some setup)


Can the perimeter wire be split into Zones.

I didn't implement this as I don't need it.  But theoretically it would be possible with a relay switch.  the zones could be fed back to the relay switch and turned on and off as needed.


Its Arduino - anything is possible.....


My Perimeter Transmitter is not working:

  • First check that all connections are correct and that your using at least 20-30m of quality perimeter cable to give enough resistance to produce the signal.
  • Make sure you are using a 200x Audio Amplifier.
  • Make sure the inductor coil is soldered directly to the audio amp and no extension cable is being used.
  • Run the Wire test sketch in the mower menu.  You should get negative values when the mower is inside the wire and positive values if the mower is outside the wire. If you are seeing positive values inside the wire and negative values outside the wire, swap the perimeter cables around on the perimeter transmitter. 
  • Check out this video to see if your setup is behaving the same way.
  • If your perimeter wire transmitter still doesn't seem to work try with these alternative settings in the Arduino UNO sketch before uploading.


Tips :)

As you can imagine this project took a lot of time to develop.  If you appreciate it and feel like leaving a monetary tip please use this link or do so during check out.  The best way to support the project is just to order something, any profit is put back into this project to develop new features which will then benefit all.