Hexapod - Introduction

ReP_AL Heavy Duty 3D Printed Hexapod


Instructions, STL/CAD Data and Arduino Code  to follow soon


Walking robots are fascinating.  Creating a robot that closely resembles an animal or insect is a great learning experience.  A six legged 3D printed robot with an Arduino brain.  This project combines a 3D printed heavy duty structure with a FUSION 360 Modelled robot which can be easily adapted to perform new movements.

This allows the builder to develop individual walks, runs, side steps or even dances using the CAD model as a basis.




  • Full CAD model with all joints modelled so the builder can design their own Gaits or "Moves"
  • Uses "affordable" 25KG and 35KG servos for heavy lifting 
  • 18 servos with 3 degrees of freedom (DOF) per leg = 18 DOF in total
  • Provides space front and back for additional arms. Can be used for:
    • Camera Gimbles
    • Grabbers
    • Tools
    • etc....
  • Uses Arduino boards and software for easy modifications
  • WIFI Connected and controlled via Smartphone
  • Servo cooling


Space for More.

The hexapod has space front and back for additional arms which can potentially hold grabbers, tools and cameras.


Easily Design Your Own 'Gaits'

Using the CAD model, the builder has the possibility to program their own unique walking gaites or "MOVES".  The 3D model provides the angles for all servos which can then be transfered via an excel spreadsheet to create equations for the movement.

Pre- finished CAD models are provided which can be directly used, or used as a starting point to mody to the builders needs.

Walk forwards model

Rotate model

Vertical height change model



With this method almost any unique gait can be created (and hopefully shared - I will provide a repository of Gaits created)


3D Printing Requirements

Min 220x220x150mm (wxbxh) 3D printer

PLA material (can be upgraded to ABS or other filaments)



This is no small robot and uses 35KG and 25KG to power the movement