Aerator - Introduction


Aer Time! 

Fully autonomous 3D printed aeration robot


A fully autonomous 3D printed aeration robot drilling hundreds (approx. 900 on a single charge) of small holes in the grass to allow nutrients to the grass roots.  Typically this has been done with a fork or silly spiked shoes which are more likely to break your ankles.  Let the ReP_AL Aerator robot take over this task, while you enjoy more free time.


Why Aerate?

Lawns can be come compacted and hard over time.  Normal foot traffic from kids, pets and sport is enough to make the soil compact and hard.  This compacted soil doesn't allow air, water and other nutrients essential for healthy grass to reach the roots.  A compacted layer of soil just 5-12mm can make a significant difference to the health of your lawn.  


Aeration creates holes in the soil to alleviate compaction so that water and nutrients can reach the grass roots.  The grass can now forge deeper roots, becomes stronger, thicker and can withstand stressful situations like hot summers and low rainfall.


The Project.

Fully 3D printed chassis and Arduino inside.  The detailed instructions will take you each step of the way to create this amazing machine.  Browse the ONLINE instructions now to see how the robot is printed, constructed and the electronics installed.



The project guide will take you step by step through:

  • 3D printing the parts in PLA (other material if you choose)
  • 3D printing TPU rollers for the Mecanum wheels.
  • Construction of the robot chassis
  • Construction of the drill mechanism
  • Construction of the Mecanum wheels
  • Construction of the charging station
  • Electrical installation using a PCB board and detailed wiring instructions
  • Code install and setup for your garden  (The software for the mower is free and continuously updated to include builders wishes)
  • WIFI app for your smartphone with step by step guide how to create it
  • Construction of a perimeter wire fence to guide the AERator robot and keep it in the area of grass required. (RTK GPS Module is in development)


Build Requirements

  • 300x300x200 3D Printer
  • PLA and TPU Filament
  • Disc Grinder to cut
  • Soldering Equipment
  • General tools (screwdrivers, plyers etc..)
  • Laptop or computer to upload software



Lets get some Aer!! (Project is fully developed)

Video shows the model in development with 2 Mecanum Wheels and no covers. (But shows the mechanism in action better)

The final version uses 4 Mecanum wheels.  4 Mecanum wheels will allow some complex movement of the aerator :)



 As said this project is now working and ready to build