GPS - Arduino Code

Arduino Code:

The Arduino code is written to be ran on a ESP32 Dev Board V1.0  and uses the Blynk APP to display information about the GEO fence and location of the GPS Module (Mower).

To build the Blynk App please see the instructions here:

Adding ESP32 Capability to the Arduino IDE

1. In the Arduino IDE, settings menu add this URL address to the "Additional Boards Manager URL's"  box, then press OK.  This will give the Arduino IDE the download address to install the necessary software to communicate with the ESP32 board.


Tip: you can add a comma "," to seperate URL's if you already have an address linked in the Boards URL.

For Example:,




Updating the WIFI Credentials and Blynk Token

To connect the ESP32 to the WIFI and synchronise with the Blnk APP, the following codes need to be entered into the sketch.  The Blank code should be provided to you when building the Blank APP on the smartphone.