All Mowers - Parts Required to Build It.

You will need the following to complete the project


1. Print Files 

STL Files or CAD Data for the model you want to print can be downloaded from the webshop.  If you plan on modifying / personalising the Mower design its worth to get the CAD data as all the STL files can be generated from the CAD data.



STL Pack


CAD Pack



2. Build Pack - Electronics and Mechanical

There are 2 methods to build the ReP_AL Mower. 

1. With standard Arduino components

2. Using a ReP_AL PCB combined with Arduino components and PCB style components. 

Both achieve the same result although the build is much easier and cleaner with the PCB as it takes care of a lot of the wiring.

Build packs for both options can be bought here in the webshop.  These packs have the original parts I used for the project which ensure compatibility with the software code.


PCB Bundle Example:


3. LiIon 18650 Batteries

To power the mower you will need a 3S 18650 Battery Pack. This will be created using single 18650 cells to make a pack. (not included in the build pack)

Build instructions are included for each mower type.


In total 18x 18650 cells are required for the 220 / 330 and LAM Mowers

In total 12x 18650 cells are required for the Little Monster Build


A Li-Ion protector circuit is also used (included in the build pack) to prevent under and over charge of the packs.

I recommend to use the Panasonic 18650B batteries. These are quality reliable  batteries and worth the investment.  They can be typically be sourced online.  Look for packs with multiple cells as they are considerably cheaper.



The battery build section also includes some information on batteries if your unsure how to use them


4. Additional Features?

In addition to the standard build, there are additional features which can be added to the Mower. For example an onboard FPV camera.

Instructions to add these features can be found here:


5. GPS Module?

I am working on a cm accurate GPS module.  If you want to add this to your build the instructions for this project can be found here: