CORE XY 3D Printer - Electronic Components

CORE XY 3D Printer Build Instructions


Config File for MKS BoardClick here to GITHUB Site

The config file from my GITHUB site should be copied to the mini SD card and inserted into the MKS Board. This will configure the whole board for the printer.  Should stepper motors turn in the wrong direction, check the wiring or change the motor direction in the config file.



Cable Drag Chains.

Its a good idea to make up the wiring looms and then insert them into the cable drag chains.  Feeding individual wires later through the chains can be a real pain.  One drag chain serves the XY axis head, the other the Z Axis hotbed.





Microswitch Posiitons:

the X, Y and Z -ve micro-switches are located as shown below.  An M3 bolt can be screwed into the hole provided opposite the micro-switch and adjusted for the correct distance contact of the micro-switch.








DC Power Supply Position

Print a power supply holder in the correct size from my site at Thingiverse: here



MOSFET / DC Step Down 24V-12V

The MOSFET is attached to the frame using plastic spacers to keep it off the Alu profile.  The 24V to 12V buck converter is attached to the plate provided.


Extruder Cooling Fan

The extruder cooling fan is connected to the second extruder 12V power supply.  In the config file (on GIUTHUB) a switch is defined on the Ext2 supply.  when the extruder temp is over 40c the Ext2 12V supply is turned on starting the extruder cooling fan.  This is also switched off when the extruder temp is under 40c.  This stops the cooling fan from being permanently on and only spinning when neccessary.