Community STL Files

I often get sent STL files from makers which they have designed or redesigned to customise or upgrade the mower.

I will start to post them here so you can download them.  If you want to share a file please send it to me and I will post it here.


Emergency Stop button and Blade Brake.

This design is from Radek Veselý who put together a great "how to" instruction.

This mod adds an emergency stop button to the rear control cover and a power resistor to the blade motor for a quick stop.






STL Files and Instructions can be downloaded here 

Little Monster - PCB Holder

This PCB holder for the little monster is designed by Rob Schreurs from Belgium.  This sits between the 2 rear wheel arch supports.  Rob also mounted the Amp and Volt sensor to the PCB board for a super clean install :)

Download Link



"The sensors are attached today with double sided tape, I plan to drill two holes per sensor and secure the sensors with a TieRap. There is enough space between the Mega and the PCB on the backside, nylon M2 bolts would be an option too. Users should pay attention that the connection pins of the Ampsensor don’t vibrate on the copper lines passing below the sensor."


Lower Front Bumper - TPU

 A soft lower bumper printed in TPU thanks to 3D_Printall

Download Link