LAM Printing & Construction

LAM Large Area Mower - Construction

Using a slicer such as CURA the STL files can be printed in standard PLA.

I used the following settings:

  • 0.4mm print nozzle
  • layer height 0.3mm (to save time on large plates) 0.2mm on more detailed parts.
  • Infill 30% for large parts (base plates, facias etc)
  • Infill 15% for the rear wheels
  • Infill 50% for the main covers


General Construction

All parts are bolted together with M3 bolts and nylon lock nuts.  The construction is simple and can be easily completed just using the following diagrams.




Base Plate Construction

Heres a photo of the LAM with just the main base plates assembled.

Main Covers

The main covers are a large print.  Here are the exact settings in CURA I used: