All Mowers - WiFi & APP


To operate the mower via Smatphone we are going to connect the mower to the home WIFI network.  To do this we will use a NodeMCU board and the BLYNK APP.

This means of course that your mower needs be able to receive WIFI in your garden.  The wiring diagram for the NODEMCU board which is used to handle the WIFI function can be found in the circuit diagrams for the mower


Blynk Legacy / 2.0 IoT

Recently the Blynk APP was updated to a new version and Blynk is not accepting new accounts on the legacy version of the APP. If you already have a Blynk account you can use the legacy APP otherwise we can use the new Blynk IoT 2.0.


Instructions: Blynk 2.0 App (click here)

Instructions: Blynk Legacy (click here)  No longer supported by Blynk.




Smartphone APP.


App being Tested by maker _Greg_




Basic APP Features:

The APP will give you access to the mower anywhere you have a cell phone data or wifi connection.

Please be patient with the buttons.  You will need to give the mower time to execute the command.  Pressing many buttons at once will just confuse it :)


In Automatic Mode these features can be used.

Quick Start - Will start the mower (cant be used if the mower is docked)

Pause/Stop - Parks the mower and can be restarted with Quick Start

Exit Dock - Reverses the mower out of the docking station and tracks the garden to Zone 1. (Reverse movement can be modified in the code to suit)

Go To Dock - Stops the mowing and sends the mower back to the dock using the perimeter tracking feature.

Auto #    - Mows the garden in a random pattern mode

Auto @  - Mows the garden with interlinked spirals

Auto | |   - Mows the garden with a parallel pattern (under development)

 (In Manual mode none of the above buttons will work)


LED Lights

Show the current status of the mower.


Volts and Loops

Shows the current battery voltage and loops progress to let you know that the mower is actually moving


Manual Mode

Enables the direction keypad where you can manually steer the lawn mower.  Tap the keys to steer.

There is not button to start the blades cutting.  I thought about this then decided against it for safety. (It would be easy to add if you wanted to)