All Mowers - Perimeter Wire Module

The perimeter wire transmitter sends the signal through the perimeter wire for the robot lawn mower to detect.   When testing the circuit a long length of wire is required (min 20 meters) otherwise the resistance will be too small for the module to work.  I use 3mm diameter, metal stranded, plastic coated wire for the perimeter wire which is available here 


For this circuit an Arduino nano or other Arduino board could also be used.

The fan used in the enclosure is a 30x30mm 12V Fan.

To turn the motor driver from a double bridge (2 Motors) to a single bridge (i.e. combine the power of both drivers) the motor driver can be bridged like this.



Out1 -> Out4 /   Out2 -> Out 3  /   IN1 -> IN4   /   IN2 -> IN3 

This will give more power to the perimeter fence wire.



The software to upload to the UNO which creates the perimeter wire signal is found on the GITHUB site here.




A 3D Printed Case for the Perimeter Wire Transmitter can be printed.  The STL files are available on Thingiverse. The case and components are fixed with M3 screws (best black).











Update 07.07.2019

If your perimeter wire transmitter doesn't seem to work after loading the Arduino sketch. Try with these alternative settings in the Arduino sketch before uploading.









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