3D Printed Large Area Mower - Project Update

Latest News on the LAM (Large Area Mower)

I created a new part of the site dedicated to this project.  Please visit for the latest updates on the project. Plan is:

1. All STL files ready in the next few weeks. End of Nov

2. Build instructions ready by the end of the year. (build is very similair to the original design)


09.11.2019 - LAM v Standard Mower

This should give an impression of the size difference between the 2 mower variants:

Standard ReP_AL Mower :  Cutting Diameter = 220mm / 8.7 inches

ReP_AL Large Area Mower : Cutting Diamater = 530mm / 20.8inches               



08.11.2019 - Main Covers Test Print & Fit.

First test of the large main covers:





Main Cover Improvements to make:

The rear section of the cover reuqires more structure to hold the shape and give good fixing points to the rear control panel cover.  This will be updated in the design.



02.11.2019 Base Plate Test Prints and Fit

The distance between the blades measures just over 530mm.  The blade discs and cutters will need some clearance so the end cut width will probably be around 520 - 530mm.


The linking plates were modified from the original plan to give more fixation points to the base plates.

The overall construction feels extremely solid :) which im very happy with.






I've been working on a design for a Larger Area Mower (L.A.M.). Im trying to use the same back end of the mower for power and trying to keep as many parts as common as possible.  This design would have 3 cutters.

Please let me know if this design would be of of interest by sending me an email or giving it a like in Thingiverse.