3D Printing Service

Send me your parts for 3D printing:

Send me your parts for 3D printing.  I can offer a print volume up to 300x300x400.  (330x330x400 after viewing the file to print)

Material: PLA


3D Printers Used:

ReP_AL COREXY  V Roller      330x330x350mm

Upgraded TRONXY 5S             330x330x380mm

ReP_AL COREXY Small          210x210x260mm



Please send me your STL file to info@repalmakershop.com and order the weight required in the cost calculator here:

As a rough estimate I charge €0.12 (12 cents) per gram (metric):



Part weight is 250grams =  250* €0.12 = €30.00 + Shipping

 I can offer the 3D printed parts for any build project in my shop: click here



Customer 3D Prints: