Little Monster - Electronic Parts to Order

The following parts are required to complete the Little Monster Robot Lawn Mower Project.  The Pack already includes the TFT screen and additonal parts required to install the tilt sensor and bumpers.

Its a good idea to order the parts now, so you can be printing the chassis while waiting for the parts to arrive

These parts are available as a bundle in my shop.  This ensure all the parts are compatible and fit into to the 3D printed chasis.



Pack can be bought here






In addition to these parts you will need a 3S 18650 Battery Pack. For the little monster project I used 4 cells per pack in parallel (4.2V 13.6Ah) and 3x 4cell parallel packs in seriesl making a 12.6V 13.6Ah battery. This gave a mow time on a relatively flat garden of 2hrs.  See the instructions here on creating the pack

(To create a 3S pack, 12x 18650 batteries are connected in parallel and series). A Li-Ion protector circuit is theb used to prevent under and over charge of the packs.

I recommend to use the Panasonic 18650B batteries. These are quality reliable  batteries and worth the investment.



the battery instructions also includes some information on batteries if your unsure how to use them