Underwater ROV - Concept

Im working on a design for a 3D printable Underwater ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle)

I am still very much in the design and test stage, but here is a preview of the vehicle as it stands:



Design goals:

  • 3D Printable hull design
  • 3D Printable sealing gaskets using TPU filament
  • 3D Printable control station using joysticks
  • Arduino control software and stabalisation
  • Good performance / price level for components


The design inccorporates

  • All sealed motor and electronics compartments (no components running in water)
  • 2 aft motors and 2 vertical motors
  • 2 front bright LED spotlights  
  • 1 Camera window front


Please let me know if you are interested in this design and what features you would like to see inncorporated.