2020 COREXY Frame / TRONXY Upgrade CAD Data

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CAD Data to build the 2020/2040 frame ReP_AL COREXY Printer or upgrade a TRONXY printer to the ReP_AL printer version.

CAD data is provided in FUSION360 *.f3z and STEP *.step format:

Make modifications to the design to meet individual needs: 


- Better alignment of the GT2 belt

- V Slot Z Axis rail and clamp for smooth movement and better restarts after pausing prints.

- MKS Mosfet for safe heat bed operation

- BL-Touch interface on the print head

- MKS Board Housing

- 3.5" TFT Touchscreen Housing

- E3DV6 print head clamp with double cooling and print cooling fan


Files will be available immediately after purchase via download